The Happy Horse accepts select saddles into our consignment inventory. If you are interested in consigning your saddle with The Happy Horse you will need to bring it in for a thorough evaluation of symmetry, safety and tree soundness.  This can take up to 10 days.  You will be contacted if your saddle is not accepted and given a clear explanation of why. Accepted saddles are contracted under the following information:

  • Saddles are contracted for 4 months (occasionally longer at the discretion of Happy Horse).
  • Consignment rate is 25% of saddles selling price.
  • Saddles are evaluated, researched and priced at fair market value.
  • Saddles are promoted via our store, website, saddle fittings and test rides. Occasionally on Ebay.
  • The consignor can remove their saddle from contract at anytime; this requires 2 weeks notice.
  • Saddles are subject to some wear, as all our saddles are available for Test Rides.
  • When your saddle sells, you will be mailed a check within a month.
  • If your saddle does not sell, you will be contacted to pick it up or to make shipping arrangements. The consignor is responsible for all shipping charges.
The Happy Horse is not responsible for saddles left out of contract for more than 30 days after notification. They will be considered abandoned and become the property of Happy Horse Tack.

The form below is to be filled out if Jen ACCEPTS and is PICKING UP your consignment saddle in the field. This form MUST be submitted to Happy Horse before Jen will pick up your saddle. 

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  • Saddle Details

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